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Cantab Films works with all types and sizes of organisations, both commercial and non-profit making, providing the highest quality possible within your budget. Here are some examples of companies and institutions we have worked with.

[3D animation for marketing video]
[Special effects work on 3D sequence]

///SmartBead Technologies

A dramatic 3D animation of a revolutionary microscopic barcoding technology was just one of the components of this marketing video for biotech company SmartBead Technologies. Based on detailed models constructed from electron microscope scans, the animated sequence helps explain the working of their leading-edge product.

Cantab Films were chosen against competition to produce the 5 minute video on the basis of their creative pitch. Our qualified staff were able to understand the science and ensure that this exciting new technology was presented in an easily digestible way.

"The video now forms a key part of our sales process. Not only does it explain our technology clearly and effectively but it's also attractive and visually dynamic."

Caroline Garey, SmartBead Technologies            


///Malvern House Language School

When prestigious Malvern House Language School in Bloomsbury Square, London, wanted to produce a new video in order to attract students from around the world they had no hestitation in choosing Cantab Films. We made them a promotional video introducing their prospective clients to both London and Malvern House, tracing the daily activities of one of their current pupils.

Shot in just two days in London we completed the edit and initial voiceover work within a week. The video has since been sent on CD to colleges and students across the globe.

"Cantab Films met our deadline with ease and fulfilled all our requirements. We were extremely pleased with the high quality of the resulting video."

Ester Monti, Malvern House            


[Malvern House name plate plus London sights]

[Lessons at Malvern House]
[Liverpool Cathedral choir]

///Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral is the largest cathedral in Britain and the fifth largest in the world. Cantab Films was responsible for providing a high-quality record of their 2003 Christmas events.

"We were delighted with Cantab Films' work. It is now an integral part of our publicity material for the Cathedral."

Prof. Ian Tracey, Liverpool Cathedral            


///Cambridge University Students' Union

Cambridge University Students' Union (CUSU) wanted to start building a record of their entertainments events, so they chose Cantab Films to produce presenter-led videos of their student nights at Cambridge club Ballare. The resulting glossy DVDs were played on displays around the club on subsequent weeks.

"The DVD was excellent - it looked great on the big screens. We are looking forward to working with you regularly in the future."

David Gates, CUSU            

[Presenter-based interviews]

[Recreating the atmosphere on video]
[Famous alumni help relaunch CUR 1350, plus 3D animated logo]

///CUR 1350

Cantab Films produced an energetic and fast-moving video documentary recording Cambridge University Radio's city-wide AM relaunch. Featuring a fully-animated 3D rendering of the radio station's logo it also contained a wide range of interviews with notable station alumni from the past decades. Broadcast on cable television.

"Cantab Films' video perfectly conveyed the energy and excitement of the launch event."

Sam Holloway, CUR 1350            

///The Ospreys

The Ospreys provide a sporting and social home for over 1,000 of Cambridge University's top female athletes, seeking to raise the profile of women's sports in Cambridge and maintaining a network of City and other contacts for their members.

Cantab Films produced a contemporary and fast-paced DVD portraying a wide range of sporting events featuring members of The Ospreys. The DVD has been used at events in both Cambridge and London and has also been distributed amongst the membership.

"We were really impressed with the DVD that Cantab Films produced for us. It exceeded all our expectations and the video looked awesome up on the screens."

Helen Skidmore, The Ospreys            

[The visual effects conclusion to the Ospreys DVD]

[Animated logos and picture-in-picture special effects]

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