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Cantab Films provides a full service in-house from initial conception through to final execution. We can create all animations and 3D work, video, audio and graphics from scratch, or if you prefer we will work to a detailed brief and build on existing material.

///Script + storyboard

We research and suggest treatments for your initial brief, incorporating your existing ideas as appropriate. A script and storyboard are constructed and agreed and we then proceed to confirm locations, any interviewees, actors or presenters and other production requirements.

///Principal photography

Arranged to fit in with the timetable of your staff or sites that are appearing in the production, the next stage is to shoot the raw footage for the video. How long this takes depends upon the number of scenes and the general complexity of the film, as well as upon the technical nature of the shots. We use cranes, steadicams, dollies and other equipment as appropriate to give a stylish, polished look to our productions.

We also record any dialogue or voiceovers which have not already been recorded cleanly.

///Rough edit

Once we have finished filming we will begin work on editing and assembling the material into a suitable order using our in-house edit suites. We will also add draft versions of effects and animation work and do some basic sound and music assembly. The rough edit will be presented to you for your approval before we add the extra layers of polish and post-production that lead to the finished video.

///Final version

Once any additional pick-ups or material required based on the review of the rough edit has been filmed, we will complete the final visual and audio component edit assembly. This may include producing different versions of the work for different purposes, and may also include DVD or CD construction work. We can also arrange duplication if required.

[Complex video animation with 3D rendering]
[Launch of CUR 1350]
[Camera facilities]
[Technology in action]
[Nature and depth-of-field effects]
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Summary for search engines: Cantab Films is a Cambridge-based video production company providing corporate video services for business and the community. We are science and technology specialists and have expertise in video-making for marketing, publicity, PR and internal communications as well as conferences. We produce video for DVD, CD, video tape, intranet and the internet, using the latest video technology for optimum-quality digital video and broadcast TV work. Specialities include bioscience, engineering, computer software and hardware technology. Use us for sales tools, mailouts, fairs, shows, exhibits, adverts, infomercials or showreels and showreel portfolios. We make training videos, presentations, DVDs, programmes, VHS tapes and film live events such as pop concerts, launch parties, theatrical shows and gigs. We can video mix live to multiple screens. Commercial and non-profit making companies can use our 2D and 3D animations using our full in-house service including audio and graphics. Production includes pre-production, script, storyboard, photography, footage editing, online and offline, special effects (fx), CG (computer graphics), sound and music edit, post-production and versioning, plus optional use of cranes, steadicams, dollies and then duplication.