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Cantab Films Ltd offer a range of video production services. Whatever your needs we will produce an innovative video using the latest digital technology. This page features some examples of how we could be relevant to you:


[Video production services]

///Marketing, Promotions and PR

Whether creating sales tools or sending mailouts, video provides a compelling visual and aural argument that attracts attention and ensures your message isn't easily forgotten. Distributing information videos gives an excellent delivery vehicle for your brand.

For fairs, shows, exhibits and conferences we produce looping or event-driven presentations with a strong visual flair that guarantee visitors can't fail to notice you.

We also produce quality adverts or infomercials for broadcast at an excellent rate - don't waste the investment in air time on a lacklustre display that looks like a static slideshow!


[3D video composite shot and technology in action]

[Malvern House language school marketing video]

///Internal Communications

Training videos provide a simple and direct method of ensuring your staff all get given the same information in the same way and with the best chance of absorbing it correctly. Motivate your staff by presenting company changes and information in an interesting and clear way.

You can keep your staff up to date with corporate communications that can help give a personal touch, even in larger companies. Whether it's a DVD for the office or a video clip on the company intranet, you can express ideas simply and directly in moving video in a way that static text just can't manage.


[Animated logo
and close-up head-shot]


Ensure that key presentations don't get forgotten and can be viewed by those who are unable to attend. A DVD or video is an extremely cost-effective way of giving your presentations maximum exposure. Potential investors, staff and clients alike can all benefit from a video summary of your conferences.


[National science week lectures and science experiment videos]

///Live Events

Whether you're staging a product launch, a live demonstration, a theatrical show or a pop gig then we can provide a multiple camera shoot including vision-mixed live video screens for the event itself if required. An edited recording could then be sold or used for promotional purposes.


[Live pop music events with vision-mixed video screens]

///Presentation and show reels

We can build a showreel portfolio of your existing work, shooting pick-up or extra material as necessary or even creating it all from scratch. We offer a uniquely stylish look to ensure that you get noticed and provide re-versioning for different targets.


[Live band performance on stage]
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Summary for search engines: Cantab Films is a Cambridge-based video production company providing corporate video services for business and the community. We are science and technology specialists and have expertise in video-making for marketing, publicity, PR and internal communications as well as conferences. We produce video for DVD, CD, video tape, intranet and the internet, using the latest video technology for optimum-quality digital video and broadcast TV work. Specialities include bioscience, engineering, computer software and hardware technology. Use us for sales tools, mailouts, fairs, shows, exhibits, adverts, infomercials or showreels and showreel portfolios. We make training videos, presentations, DVDs, programmes, VHS tapes and film live events such as pop concerts, launch parties, theatrical shows and gigs. We can video mix live to multiple screens. Commercial and non-profit making companies can use our 2D and 3D animations using our full in-house service including audio and graphics. Production includes pre-production, script, storyboard, photography, footage editing, online and offline, special effects (fx), CG (computer graphics), sound and music edit, post-production and versioning, plus optional use of cranes, steadicams, dollies and then duplication.